About Us

Our dynamic team is made up of only experienced, fun and enthusiastic speech pathologists who love working with a general paediatric caseload.  Many have areas of special interest.

Kathryn (Kat) Waugh
Kat is the owner and
Principal  Speech 
Pathologist of Bubbles
Speech Pathology, (not to mention being mother of 4 children).  She has been providing communication
assessments and therapy
for children in Perth,  Trinidad & Tobago and in the UK for over 20 years. Her experience spans across Child Development Centres, schools, Disability Services Commission and several hospitals, both internationally and locally. 

 Kat’s interest is working with young children and their families to provide the best outcomes in the years before school and early school age.  She particularly enjoys working with complex developmental  language delay / disorder and, focusing in the early years.  She is a trained Hanen Therapist (It Takes Two To Talk, More Than Words), providing programs that are tailored for young children who have a language delay. She also has training in stuttering, including the Lidcombe Program for Young Stutterers (which helps young children who are stuttering achieve normal fluency in their speech).  In addition, she is PROMPT (Introductory Level) and  DIR Floortime trained.  

Feline van Brakel
Feline is a certified PROMPT therapist – one of only 6 speech pathologist in Australia and has extensive experience working with children with motor speech difficulties.

Given Feline’s Dutch background, a therapist with experience in bilingual considerations is a welcome addition to the team.  Feline has over 16 years experience in working with an array of areas relating to speech and language, across early intervention and providing services to the school aged population.   She is also trained in the Lidcombe Program for Early Intervention of Stuttering.

Jasmine Martin
Jasmine has vast experience in a range of clinical settings, across various countries (although we are not sure that “working” in the Caribbean constitutes work).  Jasmine is PROMPT trained (Bridging Level), is an advanced Lidcombe Program therapist and has received Hanen (It Takes Two To Talk, More Than Words), Sounds Write, Floortime DIR 101 training. Jasmine also has a keen interest in Developmental Language Delay.   At the end of her day, she returns to her busy family life with three children.

Wendy Marshall
Wendy joins us having worked as a speech pathologist for over 20 years in the health, education, disability and private sectors, in both rural and metropolitan centres. Wendy has extensive knowledge of speech, language and social development across the lifespan”? Thanks.   She has vast experience with Autism Spectrum Disorders.  She is trained in Hanen It Takes Two to Talk & More Than Words,  Lidcombe program, and has attended and presented at a number of national conferences.   Wendy  was one of the developers of the Autism West TOBY Autism Therapy iPad app, a curriculum based early intervention program designed for children with an autism spectrum disorder.  She is a published author as part of the team at Autism West & the Telethon Kids Institute, investigating the effectiveness of the TOBY iPad app.   Wendy is a strong advocate of family centred therapy, understanding the demands of balancing busy family life with the need to provide our little people with rich and nurturing learning opportunities.

Jemma Barion
Jemma joined the BSP team in 2022 bring 20 years of experience working with children. She enjoys working with children under 10 years of age and has extensive experience in school age language and speech sound disorders. Jemma is also a busy mum to 3 young children including twins!

Sandra Gerbaz
Sandra brings over 20 years of clinical experience (in child development centres, schools and private practice) to Bubbles.   She brings advanced skill levels to providing management for school aged speech and language services, with a span from 3 years to 8 years.  She has PROMPT Bridging Level, Hanen (ITTTT, ABC and Beyond) and Sounds Write training.

Jeni Brennan
Jeni has a keen interest in working with families to promote positive outcomes for children who experience speech and/or language delay/disorder. As a mother of three children, one of whom experienced motor speech difficulties, Jeni has first-hand knowledge and understanding from both the perspective of a parent and a speech pathologist. As an early client of Bubbles, Jeni was inspired to pursue a career in speech pathology and has not looked back! She has experience working with children in various school environments, language development centres and government and private settings. She is trained in Sounds-Write, Talk for Writing and PROMPT (Introductory Level) and has a clinical interest in literacy, phonological delay/disorder and Developmental Language Disorder. Jeni is passionate about supporting families, making therapy fun and empowering children to realise their potential!

Tania Rodwell 
Tania is a mum of 3 boys who has worked as a Speech Pathologist in various government, private and not for profit sectors for over 20 years. Tania was the Founder and Director of early intervention clinic Little Language Centre. She has also worked as Special Education Consultant in the Catholic Education sector, school-based Speech Pathologist and Autism Diagnostician. In more recent years she has held positions of Board Member and Project Manager of the TOBY early intervention app at Autism West. Tania has specialist training in Sounds Write and is PROMPT trained (Introductory Level).

Tania is passionate about making speech pathology functional in daily life, and more importantly, making it fun!

Jess Cayoun

Jessica Cayoun will be returning to Bubbles on Saturday mornings from mid July 2024 offering a Saturday Assessment Clinic. She will be available for autism diagnostic assessment (Speech and Language component), Developmental Language Disorder (DLD) diagnostic assessments and Language Development Centre referral applications.

Jess has over 20 years experience specialising in supporting language, communication and play development in children 0-16 years of age. She has held senior positions across private, government health departments and educational departments. 

Michelle Metaxas

Michelle is the newest member of the Bubbles Speech Pathology team. She brings over 20 years of experience and expertise in the treatment of stuttering of young children to our practice. We are thrilled to have her!

Lee-anne Bell

Lee-anne bring over 10 years experience to the Bubbles Speech Pathology team.

She has worked providing both clinic-based and outreach speech pathology services in a major regional centre and as a senior clinician in the NHS in London. She is a busy mum of two young girls and enjoys working with speech and language difficulties across the early years and with school age clients. 

Ange Tayler
Read about our amazing founding speech pathologist Ange Tayler here. https://www.bubbles-speech.com.au/vale-ange-tayler/


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